The Best Homeschool Tool is for a Dollar

Last month, I wrote an article on the 6 best homeschool supplies you can find at the Dollar Tree. As I was writing it, I realized my best weapon was right in front of me!  Today I’m going to convince you that the BEST homeschool tool is only for a dollar.

Not only is it effective for homeschooling, it's also a lifesaver for household and business organization.  You can use it for organizing, planning, and/or your ‘to do’ list for every facet of your lifestyle.

I love to plan now, but there was a day when I was the most disorganized person around!  (Ask my Mom, she’ll tell you all about my room ;-))  Growing up, my bedroom was always a mess so I'd avoid it like the plague.  I learned the hard way that having clutter around you not only clutters the mind but stunts your growth spiritually, physically and mentally! 

If you are feeling like a hot mess right now but don’t have the time or money to fix it with expensive planners, don’t worry.  I got you covered.  

You can change your destiny.  All it takes is baby steps.  If you go overboard, you’ll get discouraged.

That’s right.  It’s only $1.

Ok, maybe you are curious now, what could be so important for only a dollar?!!

Are you ready?

It’s a clipboard.

I call it the Clipboard Commando.  

Did I surprise you?  Maybe.

How could a clipboard be so important for homeschool teaching or other areas that need improvement?  Let me show you thy ways.

I use it for three Categories:

  1. Homeschool
  2. Housework
  3. Business

Here’s why.

I'm a huge advocate of using technology for managing tasks but it's important to have something tangible as well.  With my Clipboard Commando, I am confident it contains my weekly essential tasks and notes.  

I have a weekly sheet template on top that stores notes for each day.  I'll write down what lesson we're on or any distractions/activities for that day.  Previously, I'd write it down in a notebook but would forget about it or lose it.

Why is a clipboard so effective?

4 reasons.

  1. I can find my weekly summary sheet easily.  It’s always on top, of course!  Location. Location.  Location. 
  2. My pen/pencil is clipped to the clipboard so no more searching for a writing utensil.  No more complaining about where the hundreds of pencils went!
  3. It has a built-in hard surface to jot down my notes.   No need to sit down, I'm ready to write!
  4. Clipboards make it easy to throw in un-graded papers and pull them out during downtime, errands or kids' activities.  

Did I convince you that the clipboard for only $1 is a lifesaver yet?

Just think of all the times you’ve been sitting in the car waiting for your kids at a soccer game or ballet class.   Instead of scrolling through Facebook, you can get productive and pull out your clipboard!

Here’s another scenario.  You’re going to the grocery store later after picking up your daughter but forget to bring the grocery list. Don’t you wish you had your Clipboard Commando to locate the grocery list? Plus, your household clipboard would already contain your weekly dinner meal plan, right??!!!

Dollar Tree has a variety of clipboard patterns and a different color for each category for quick identification.  Check it out here.  

Are there areas you'd like to work on to increase efficiency?  If so, next article will be perfect for you.   I will share with you details on what you can include in your own clipboards.  I may even include a freebie as well so don't miss it!    Make sure when you're out next time to stop by your nearest Dollar Tree! 

Until then, have a great week!

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