Technology in the Kitchen: Instant Pot!

Are you like me, scrambling to figure out what’s for dinner at 4pm?  If you are looking for ways to cook a healthy, simple but delightful meal in a short period of time, then look no further!  Your solution is an Instant Pot!

My husband came home several months ago with a new Instant Pot.  He received it as a gift from one of the companies he uses for his job as a promo and thought I would be thrilled.  I’m embarrassed to say I knew little about them and at the time I was working long hours so… I threw it in a corner and simply forgot about it.

Several months later after wrapping up a contracting job with a company,  I had some time to start thinking about food planning again and remembered the Instant Pot collecting dust in the corner.  I opened the box up and surprisingly  it was easy to set up.  When I say easy,  I mean I didn’t have to follow directions!

Having no idea what was going to be my first experiment, I looked in the freezer and noticed a whole chicken.  The Instant Pot gives “instant” gratification, right?   I googled “instant pot frozen whole chicken” and sure enough, several websites came up.  One website promised the frozen chicken would be complete in 30 to 50 minutes?!!!  Are you serious?!!  I had to try this recipe out.

I cut up an onion and spread it evenly on the bottom, threw a cup of water in, placed the trivet on the bottom (part of the accessories in the box) and rubbed some spices all over.  I used a wonderful recipe for the spices I discovered years ago on the 100 days of Real Food website.    You’ll be excited to see most ingredients will be found in your spice rack.

I turned the Instant Pot on and timed it for 1 hour since my bird was bigger than the 4 pounds specified in the recipe. I let out some stream when the timer went off (it beeps) and wow, she was done!   I made some chicken salad and then threw her carcass back in the pot for delicious chicken stock  for an hour and 20 minutes.

Since I’ve opened my new Instant Pot,  I have made FROZEN beef stew and even cooked FROZEN ground beef for tacos.  It is a great time saver not only to reduce time allotted for a crock pot, it also frees up your time stirring and using extra gadgets like pots and pans.

Today I was cleaning out my pantry and discovered I can get rid of my yogurt maker, pressure cooker and an extra crock pot now that the Instant Pot is part of my “must have” kitchen tools.    Way to go I must say so!  Anyone in Pittsburgh need any or all of those three items?  They are making a special trip Goodwill this weekend.

I highly recommend an Instant Pot as it deserves a permanent place on your counter top.  It will get rid of your crock pot, extra pans and other items I mentioned above and will eliminate wasted money on fast food when your crock pot can’t get your food ready in time!    If you do get an Instant Pot, you’ll want to join the Instant Pot Community on Facebook!  It’s a great place to get advice on how to use one and of course delicious recipes.

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