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 As a homeschool mom, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right curriculum for the student AND teacher.  That's why I'm sharing with you my review of the Yearly Membership at  It's the All-in-One Complete Homeschool Package and seriously the PERFECT fit for EVERY family!  
Now that I'm a middle-aged mom teaching middle school-aged kids, our learning tools have changed. Crayons and construction paper have disappeared. Pens and pencils are now the main writing utensils. While I miss the younger stage, there are huge advantages to having more independent learners.
As a work at home mom, online learning has been a wonderful tool and blessing for our self-sufficient children.  Have you tried  

High-quality, Self-paced, Online Homeschool Resources {}

Since the beginning of my homeschool journey, I’ve been a huge fan of the Old Schoolhouse magazine. When I discovered that magazine owner and founder, Gena Suarez, was spearheading, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for the 30-day trial.
Here’s a little history. In 2012, began as a supplemental learning site, but has grown to present day as a complete curriculum storehouse supporting thousands of its members! is a computer-based homeschool curriculum, providing over 360 courses (PK to Grade 12) including 80+ video courses. Subscribers also have FREE access to and 1000+ videos on demand through RightNow Media
Plus, the lesson instructors are top-notch, like Terri Johnson from Knowledge Quest and Diana Waring with History Revealed!
Many classes include tests, quizzes and answer keys. Plus, there are certificates of achievement, a report card generator, and attendance tools. And, that’s just the start of it. There’s more, especially for us as parents and teachers, and I’ll get into that shortly.
I want to share with you why is a wonderful, affordable homeschool resource. I'll include my WHY for continuing our membership months after my trial.
Initially, my main goal was to use for language arts (writing) and foreign language. In the past, we relied on highly recommended resources but they weren’t an exact match for our family.  Currently, we use Creative Storytelling for my daughter and Creative Composition for my son.  With, we can choose what is best for our family based on our learning styles and lifestyle.
When you first log into the site, you can browse by Grade or Subject. When I began reviewing the online courses, I wanted to see all of the language arts programs since my kids were close in age. Now that I’m more familiar with the site, I use the grade filter.
Several classes include videos as part of the course which is a huge benefit for visual learners. The online learning site has a special section just for videos. This area allows the subscriber to gain all videos rounded up in one spot so you can watch videos just for fun!
You can even access a free RightNow Media account. This account gives your family access to hundreds of streaming videos from providers like, Drive Thru History, Vision Video, Discovery House, and more.
As part of the membership, I mentioned the subscriber has FREE access to World Book, an online encyclopedia! Our science curriculum was already a great fit for us but we were amazed to find a wealth of supplemental information for Anatomy. Did you know World Book has e-books in an easy cartoon-like format that is enjoyable to read for your kids? My kids have been talking about it for days!
One of my new favorite sections is the Focused-Learning Center. As a fan of the Charlotte Mason teaching method, there is a special area just for me! It lists all classes geared towards the Charlotte Mason learning style. Woo Hoo!  
The Focused-Learning Center also encompasses an ESL & Foreign Language Support area. My daughter has a friend on her swim team who is deaf and expressed an interest in learning sign language. After a church member recommended an online course for $10/month, a light bulb went off! I remembered that I had immediate access to an ASL class for no additional cost. I could access it anytime on my phone, tablet or iPad. There are also other foreign languages available in Spanish, French, Latin, and Greek.  
Now, let's talk about YOU as the teacher! Here is the teacher’s side of learning. There are actually courses tailored perfectly for us moms called 'Just for Parents' under the menu 'Resources'. You can gain ideas on how to teach your special needs child, grab a daily menu plan or even learn how to homestead. Wow! I was even surprised to find marriage and bible classes. You could park yourself at all day if you’re not careful!
Are you ready to get more organized in 2018? This robust, online learning portal gives you access to weekly schedules, chore charts, grocery lists, meal plans, and 2019 school house planner! Being organized is something I enjoy and this a gem for me.
Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you about this HUGE bonus for being a member! In your dashboard, you can request a FREE quarterly PRINTED Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I love carrying it around while I’m out and about and can peek at it every so often throughout my busy day.
Now let’s get to how it’s going to affect your pocketbook. No worries!  It's the cost of ONE fast food meal.  You’ll be relieved to hear they are running a special in January. retail price is $19.95/month, but you can get a full YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION for only $90. This special is only valid in January. It's only $7.50 a month. Incredible. The price is guaranteed to never go up as long as you remain a member. Good for the whole family, no matter the size. That’s awesome!

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Looking for a way to change it up during the day? Is your homeschool in a slump?  Look no further. For only $7.50 a month, you can’t beat it! Just think of the money you’ve spent on curriculum over the years and didn't even use half of it!  You can reduce your homeschool costs by using for an All-in-One Complete Homeschool Curriculum at your fingertips on ANY device, 24/7. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.   Maybe you're convinced now it's seriously the PERFECT fit for EVERY family!  


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