How to Organize your Household to Run More Smoothly

Now that we’ve established how the Clipboard Commando (aka clipboard) can be your best friend for organizing your homeschool, let’s move on to using them effectively for our household.  Here are steps on how to organize your household to run more smoothly.
Before we begin, let’s assume you have a clipboard for homeschooling. You're now adding another one for “Household Duties”. It’s probably time to get a sturdy bag that fits a couple of clipboards. The bag should be large enough to throw in both clipboards easily when you’re running out the door. It’s also a great storage area when the list is dormant for a quick grab and drop. Try to find some unused sturdy bags you’ve received for free or unused at the moment. I wouldn’t recommend running out and buying one unless you have to.
What would you include in your household clipboard? Well, it all depends on your lifestyle but I’ll tell you what I use it for.
I include 3 essential items on my clipboard for the week:
  1. Easy Meal Planner
  2. Grocery List
  3. Cleaning Routines

Easy Meal Planner

A meal planner is crucial for a stress-free week. There is nothing worse than 4 pm rolling around and panic sets in because you have nothing planned for dinner. Not that it’s ever happened to me. Wink.
It’s a recipe for disaster on your budget if you don’t take 5 minutes to write out a meal plan.
So, I suggest picking a day every week to sit down for 5 and write out 7 meals. A weekly calendar printable is a perfect format. I typically sit down on Sundays after church and write out all my meals. I don’t follow my plan perfectly but it helps me generate a grocery list.
Stick to your favorite recipes and pick one day of the week to try a new meal. If it's good, add it to your rotation. If it's not, eat it with a smile on your face as it builds character. Then, throw the recipe printable away asap. If you have leftover food, feed it to the dog or chickens. Don’t waste.
I also stick to a different meal for 2 weeks before using the meal again in my rotation. So, I won’t have meatloaf for at least 2 weeks to avoid meltdowns. You can also make double batches and freeze with a label. Please make sure you label it neatly with its name and date. Otherwise, you’ll forget what it is and avoid eating it out of concerns its old. More waste. I don’t like to waste, do you?
See below for a FREE printable that includes all three of these critical areas!

Grocery List

You can write your grocery list right beside your meal plan or have a separate list. With the Clipboard Commando, you don’t have to worry about losing your list as you’ll always keep it on the clipboard. It’s nice and neat with a pencil available for adding extra food items to the grocery list.
You’ll want to always keep a list of staple items handy to look over for possible replacement. Staple items typically include bread, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables.
Also incorporate at least 1 crockpot/instant pot recipe a week on busy days, possibly enough for leftovers during lunch.
Do you have an air fryer toaster oven? I suggest investing in one if you can afford it. Start reviewing recipes as it's a great energy saver.  Plus, it's much easier to clean than an oven.  Enough said?!!! And my last point, it’s MUCH healthier for you than a microwave and quicker than the oven.

Cleaning Routines

A routine is essential for a consistently clean house. First, I suggest drafting a list of all daily cleaning chores. Then, divide them into AM vs PM routines, plus a 15-minute timed pick up throughout the day, like before dinner.
For example, here is my morning routine:
  1. Prayer
  2. Bible Reading Through the Year
  3. Get Dressed
  4. Make Bed (unless husband is in it)
  5. Unloaded Clean Dishes
  6. Load Dirty Dishes
  7. Unload clothes in dryer
  8. Load dirty clothes in washer
Evening Routine:
  1. Fold Clothes
  2. Personal Hygiene (Take off makeup/Brush Teeth/floss)
  3. Put on nightgown/lay out clothes for next day
  4. Read Bible
  5. Pray
  6. Go to bed at 10 pm
In addition, our family has a 15-minute clean up for main traffic areas (living room, dining room, and kitchen) that is timed so we can stay focused. Each child has the same daily responsibility so they are efficient at it and it's a routine. We will switch responsibilities every so often to change it up. For the first time this year, my kids get a small allowance but it's not necessary for all families.
There you have it! You'll want to clip these three essential items along with your pen/pencil onto your new household clipboard.  These are some tips I’ve learned over the years that help me keep my household running smoothly. What tips do you have? I’d love to hear them the comments below.
Click here to get a FREE printable that includes all three KEY areas for you to have a successfully-run household!

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