Online Solar System Unit Study Review

We've been using the Solar System Online Unit Study for several weeks now and my kids love it!  They especially enjoy the videos and experiments.    As a teacher, I love these unit studies because they change up my routine and give me a break from teaching.  I am also pleased that there are some questions asked and the infographics were extremely helpful in stimulating the correct answers.   The lessons are more interactive and visual than books and worksheets.  Plus, the online unit studies are great for auditory and visual learners.

As middle-school and upper-elementary aged students, my children didn't need much assistance to navigate through the lessons.  It took them about 15-20 minutes to finish one lesson.   The lessons are self-paced, convenient and engaging.   And, they are yours for lifetime access – once you purchase (or win) a course.  Woo Hoo!

Use Solar System Online Unit Studies to supplement your astronomy lesson plans or as a stand-alone curriculum.

Students have access to linked websites and videos along with complete digital projects. It's easy to use, and there are no additional books or print resources necessary. Just gather a few supplies for hands-on projects and register for any online tools. This can be used for elementary level (with guidance) or independent learners in middle or high school.

Your children can be part of a book club and pick a book for supplemental reading.  What I loved most of about these self-paced online lessons are the videos.  They are the perfect length of all ages.  The longest video I watched with them was 9 minutes.

Please note that the first video discusses the possibility of how the solar system could have formed.  Our family knows that God created the solar system so any other answer is not correct.  The presenter used "perhaps" as a keyword in his theory on how he believes the solar system could have formed.   We teach our children that anything contradicting the bible is incorrect but we do not shelter them from other theories since we have control over their education.  

Here are the modules included (each module takes 2-3 hours to complete):

  • Solar System Overview
  • The Sun
  • Planetary Orbits
  • Gravity
  • Planets
  • The Rocky Planets
  • The Gas Planets
  • Comets, Asteroids, and Meteors
  • Project: Solar System Model

Along with hands-on projects, students will learn to use Google sheets to record and evaluate scientific data.  Wow, how awesome is that!

The first option is to purchase it right away because you can't wait to get started!  Techie Homeschool Mom has generously given all of my subscribers a $5 off $20 coupon 'CWS5OFF' so don't forget to use it!

The second option is to try a lesson.  Click on the link below and scroll down to the blue button that says "Click for your Preview".

Here is the link that takes you to your free lesson:

Solar System Online Unit Study Lessons



By the way, if you are looking for other subjects, there are other Online Unit Studies to choose from like Famous Artists, U.S. Presidency, Biographies of Famous Americans, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece, and various Holidays.

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