New Beginnings and Happy Endings

Hi, my name is Natalie and my mission is to help others find more simple solutions for life.  This may include tips on reducing clutter in your house, body and/or mind.   Whatever lessons I’ve learned over the years or even today, I will share with you.

I named my website because I have been on a journey for over a decade focusing on being content with my situation both mentally and spiritually.  It seems like a hard concept but instead, it’s a freedom like no other.  I finally recognized that you can be wealthy, “successful” and beautiful but still not happy.  It took me awhile to figure it out myself but I don’t want others to make the same mistake.

Are you struggling with your life right now in the contentment area?  Go on a journey with me as we find ways to enjoy our “now” but also look for additional ways to get rid of what’s bogging us down, like material possessions, enormous homes or neighbor envy.

A blog post I read a few months ago struck a nerve in me.  The post talked about writing down YOUR OWN EULOGY!  Can you believe that?!!  It was a great idea as morbid as it sounds.   Essentially, start at the end of your life to create a new beginning, a new purpose, a new life mission statement.  What would you want your spouse, kids, friends, and family say about you in your eulogy?  If you don’t think they would say what you want to hear, its time to make a change!

Wow, that is powerful.  It made me realize that my priorities are backwards.  I’ve made a lot of decisions that have no eternal impact.

The article also talked about making a list of priorities, rank them by importance and then make it your guideline when making big decisions.   Ultimately, this will help you make them quicker and without guilt!

Lastly, chart the course.  Take that list of ranked priorities and determine where you are, where you want to be and where you commit to making life changes and improvements.

I’ve had it in my “to do” bag for too long.  I’m ready for you to hold me accountable.   Will you chart the course along side with me?  Stay tuned for a future post where I lay out my life foundation.

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