Don’t Sell Me, Tell Me

I am so thankful to receive an advanced copy of this book! It was perfect timing while struggling to come up with content for my new blog/websites.

The book starts off with why you need to be genuine with your audience and tell them a truthful story. The author compares entrepreneurs or corporations providing services/products to the art of writing a book. He refers to it as the "three act structure" of a story.

The Three Act Structure begins with Act 1, or the "what", defining your customer's problem (conflict) with a story of the "old" you as the protagonist.

Act II is the "why" (plot) of this actual journey. You as the protagonist trying to solve the problem with several failed attempts. However, with each failed attempt brings valuable lessons, a new skill and/or a higher sense of purpose.

Act III is the "how" (climax) you are going to come in and save the day as the hero by facing your fears and succeeding with a resolution for your audience/customer!

During this process, make an emotional connection with your audience. You should also have a relatable story, show suspense and tension. Finally, inspire your audience (customer) with a solution.

As I write my blog content, I will keep these 3 Acts in mind for audience captivation to the finality. The e-book also comes with free tools/worksheets to keep you focused and motivated. I highly recommend this book for entrepreneurs struggling to get their product/service off the ground!

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