6 Tips on Organizing your Homeschool Space

Is your homeschool space a bit messy, disorganized, or an eyesore?
Is it time for you to take some tactical steps to improve your homeschool space?
I asked my email subscribers what areas of their home need organized. The majority consensus was organizing their homeschool place. So, this post is dedicated to my email subscribers.  Thank you to those who took the survey.
Below are 6 tips on organizing your homeschool space.
A couple of years ago, our homeschool place was an entire room dedicated to learning. The kids were young and I wanted an exclusive area of teaching. It worked great for a couple of years to keep our focus on learning.
However, with older kids and their independent learning, we have moved it to the dining room. I was constantly going back and forth whether it was to the bathroom or forgetting something. I like simplicity and convenience. I was concerned that it would be frustrating during meal time. But, with some organizational modifications, we’ve made it work well.
Where is your dedicated homeschool area?
Over the last couple years, my organizing system has been refined and here is what works for us. So, I believe these tips will help YOU keep your homeschool room neat, tidy, and stress-free for years to come.

Here are my 6 tips for organizing your homeschool space.

Add a Bookshelf

Add a bookshelf to your homeschool space. Admittedly, I started with containers holding the kids' books, textbooks and workbooks. However, I found tossing them in the containers damaged the materials. Eventually, it became a dumping ground for pencils and papers. Smaller books got hidden behind larger ones making it difficult to pull them out.
Once I added a bookshelf to our homeschool room, the books kept their shape and they were easier to locate. Selling our homeschool materials is necessary to help with the next year’s budget so we need to keep them in excellent condition.  
We have 5 shelves. Here is what I use on each shelf:
  • Materials - 2 smaller containers are located on the first shelf. These container hold tape, scissors, stapler with staples, and a 3-hole punch.
  • History/Literature Section - The 2nd shelf contains books we are using for the current year. This includes history, geography, literature and math books. There is also a science kit box to hold up our selection of books. You will not find any books that are a “maybe” or from a previous school year. All books that we may use later are in another room located in a chest.
  • Miscellaneous - The 3rd shelf contains bibles and a rectangular basket of lined and printer paper. You can also find a sturdy utility bag with several pockets to hold pencils.
  • Books - An entire shelf is dedicated to books at my children’s reading level.
  • Reading Books - The last shelf holds library books on one side and owned books for reading pleasure. There is also a black and white laser printer as a backup in case the color laser printer stops working.

Invest in a Drawer Set

Invest in a drawer set like this one for organizing crafts and construction paper. Crafts tend to be small and its necessary to sort them into smaller compartments. I saw one the other day that was a great price for $20 at Aldis. I paid $30 for mine years ago at Michaels.

Organize writing  instruments in Pencil Boxes/Utility Organizers

 I keep pencil boxes and utensil organizers on one shelf. We have a pencil box for colored pencils and another for pens. You can purchase plastic sturdy pencil containers right at the Dollar Tree. 

Large Table for laptops/writing

We use our living room table for our laptops, read, ng and writing. One of our rules is we stay at the table the entire school time. It helps avoid distractions in their bedrooms including devices like phones and tablets.  If you don't have a large enough table, make a rule that everyone stays in the same location.

At the end of the day, all books must be put away on the shelf. There is nothing more frustrating when dinner is ready and papers are everywhere!

Storage Location for Important Papers

Reduce paper pile up by having a dedicated binder for each child. When the child’s weekly work is complete and reviewed, their work can get moved to the binder. Make sure your 3-hole puncher is handy on the shelf where you keep materials.

My favorite tool - Clipboards

Clipboards are located on the same shelf as the books on top of the science kit box. Keeping clipboards upright is probably not a good idea unless you can hang them on the side. Most clipboards have built-in holes for convenient hanging. If you want to learn more about the efficiency of clipboards, go to this post here.
There you have it! I love sharing my organizing tips with you! I have spent a lot of time over the years tweaking and twitching. I don’t want you to have to go through the same hassle I went through to get your homeschool day running smoothly.
What are your struggles with your homeschool space? I would love to hear your comments so please leave me one below. I read all of them!  Until next time, my friend.  

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