5 Ways to add Fun and Flavor in your Homeschool for 15

It's February and the holidays are a thing of the past.  It seems like there is nothing to look forward to, other than another 5 months of teaching.  February is supposed to be the month of LOVE, but sometimes we don't feel like loving anything.  We dread getting up to *what feels like* another Groundhog's Day.  
We wake up to the crappy weather and cold, crummy, and clammy.  
It's hard to get up when the bed is so warm and the house is so cold because you're trying to save money on electricity.
It's the same old routine...finish your morning tasks before the kids roll out of bed.
But, what if I told you it doesn't have to be that way.   
What if I told you that sometimes you need to change your routine and add some fun and flavor to your homeschool day in only 15 minutes?   Sometimes we need to change our daily schedule to get us out of bed and look forward to the day.  I am the type who LOVES to check off lists and modify routines, but when I'm in a homeschool slump, I know its time to let go of normalcy.
Do you believe it can be done?
Well, its possible and let me tell you how.   
Click on the image below which takes you to how you can add fun and flavor to your homeschool day in just 15 minutes at OutmatchedMama!  Enjoy my friend.  

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