3 Simple Ways to add Daily Exercise


It’s true.  I am guilty.

I have been slacking off this summer and just hanging out my kids for the last 2 months.   Sorry, not sorry.

Here’s the backstory.  I was working “virtually” non-stop as a Virtual Assistant Contractor for 5 months from December to May and rarely got to see my kids during this time.  So, when the contract ended, I was so relieved to be at home with my kids again!  I promised them we were going to have fun while I took a break from working at home.

So, we traveled south, visited the beach for a couple of days, immersed ourselves in a museum, walked around downtown, jumped at the Trampoline Park, scheduled play dates, watched movies, slept in, enjoyed table time (discussions/reading during eating), and just snuggled for long periods at night.  It was wonderful.  I didn’t realize how much I missed homeschooling and hanging out with my children 24/7.  And guess what?!!! No regrets.  Money can always be made and replaced, but I can’t get back these precious years.

However, I will admit the last few weeks I slowly started dabbling into the blogosphere again.  I set a little time aside each day to learn a new social media tool, tip, and/or trick. Obviously, I missed the online world during my brief absence as I’m not interested in losing my newfound knowledge I’ve gained this past year.

Speaking of losing, while I was working remotely those few months, I had mentioned in a previous post I had lost 7 pounds.  Yeah me.   It was a great bonus!    Unfortunately, speaking of gaining too, it was short lived as the pounds slowly crept back on and I’m officially back to my old weight.  Bummer.

So….it’s now time to get back into shape mentally and physically.

Today was my first day to get up earlier again: 6am the alarm went off.  I am NOT a morning person at all.  Ask my friends, family, husband and kids.  They have all been witnesses at some point.

Today was also my first day to exercise again.  My butt is getting jiggly!  Apparently, it’s time to get moving and off of this chair!

This morning, I read my bible, got dressed and walked in the living room watching Leslie Sansone on YouTube.  After the kids woke up, we played tennis down the road from our house, drove to the Rec Center to play ping pong, and then ate lunch together during Table Time.  It was a good day today.

Of course, its getting late in the day and I am getting tired now.  But, I have a plan.  I’ll get the kids to bed early tonight and sleep will feel oh soooo good.

To pass on some encouragement to you regarding exercise, even though its summer, I suggest getting up a little earlier as well (if you don’t already) to take time for yourself.  I read that the best time to get exercise is early in the am due to few disruptions.  See an article here supporting this theory.  So, grab a drink of water with a splash of lemon and get moving!

I exercised this am using a great video for walking that gave me a quick boost of energy.  Did you know that walking is the best fitness program out there?  See, another simple way to get the day going and kick in those endorphins!  You don’t have to be an avid runner to be physically fit!  Here is a blog post from one of my favorite doctors Dr. Mercola speaking about the HUGE benefits of walking.   Getting enough exercise is important for our mental and physical health.  We can’t neglect our bodies for a long period of time!

Do you like Leslie Sansone?  Love her!  She has a video on YouTube that requires only 15 minutes for a mile and it felt like I got a good work out today.  Lift up those knees, Nancy!

Click here for one of her short videos I used this am.  You can find several of her videos on YouTube via your computer/laptop, smart phone, and/or smart TV using an Amazon stick or Roku.  Check her out today!

So, here are my simple tips that I’m following for my first week working on one of my main struggles…exercise!  I don’t want to add too much to my plate yet as I’ll burn out easily!

There are only three easy steps to follow when starting a fitness routine and hope you will join me.  You can begin tomorrow or give yourself until Monday to plan accordingly:

  1.  Get up at least an extra 30 minutes to get dressed and ready for your new routine.  Make sure you set up your choice of exercise the night before so you’re not wasting time.  If you are concerned you’ll wake the family up, use a Bluetooth headphone set and no one will suspect a thing!  Trust me, it works wonders as you don’t want little ones waking up too early!
  2. Start with just 15 minutes of exercise a day.   You can increase it by 5 as you get stronger. Remember to drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and it also helps with cravings and overeating.
  3. Take time out of your schedule for an half hour daily for YOU.  I am taking a couple of online classes this week to enjoy.  Rewarding ourselves motivates us to keep moving forward.

What are your challenges you’d like to work on?  I would love to see your thoughts in the comments section below.  Remember, its one step at a time.   Cheers to you *holding up a glass of cold water*!

One final thought, there is a program a popular blogger introduced this week that is perfect timing for motivation on getting in shape.  Would you be interested in joining me?  Here is the link for info.

Next week, I’m going to work on the family’s night time routines so stay tuned for updates.   What are your evening routines?   I’d love to hear from you.  Have a wonderful week my friends.

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