Striving for ways to simplify schedules, school, and situations.

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If you could write your own legacy, what would it be?

Hi! So glad you are here! My name is Natalie and homeschool two awesome kids.
Before children, I was focused on my tech career until my daughter was born. She changed my life, my perspective on what's important. I had to learn to remove my insatiable appetite for the "things" of the world and instead be content with my God-given blessings.
During this transition time, I went from being discontent with my possessions, house, and money to enjoying what was right in front of me. My husband, children, and health was all I needed.
Please come on a journey with me as we search for ways to improve all areas of life. I have several roles to play and each one is important. Let's look for ways to de-clutter our stuff, soul, and spirit . The clock is ticking, are you ready to make a change? Let's go!

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