The Best 6 Homeschool Supplies at the Dollar Tree

If you would start having a conversation with me, you would soon realize that I am frugal by nature. I love discovering deals and discounts and then dishing them out to you. As a homeschooling mom, my deal addiction has cascaded over into my homeschool purchases. That’s why I want to share with you my BEST 6 homeschool supplies at the Dollar Tree!

It never made much sense to me to buy an item out of convenience that I could buy a little cheaper a few miles down the road. It just takes a little research and ingenuity. Unless I’m dragged in by gun point, you will not find me at a convenience store! I'm kidding, I do occasionally visit the convenience store, but it’s to use the bathroom or the ATM (free fees of course!).

I even believe it’s quite possible to buy ALL your supplies at the Dollar Tree. Trust me.

However, this article is to tell you my BEST list of Dollar Tree items. Can you buy all of your homeschool supplies at Dollar Tree? Maybe. But, today, we are going to discuss the best supplies.


Maybe you are doubtful and think, Dollar Tree is poor quality! It will break and I’ll have to replace it again, making it a loss! That may be true for some purchases like "break in one day" barrettes and scissors.

However, you only need school supplies for a year. And, they will get tossed in the recycle bin. On the flip side, just because it's cheap doesn’t mean you go crazy! You don't want to end up in the poor house after you walk out spending $100 on supplies! Be prepared! Write a list of critical items with their quantity before heading to the store. Stick to that list. You can do it, impulsive buyers!! I know what I’m talking about. Been there. Done that.

Without further ado, here is my compiled list of “I can’t live without these homeschool supplies” at the Dollar Tree!

1.  Tabs

Homeschooling requires organization. Tabs are an awesome organizing tool for the supplies mentioned below. The tabs come in different colors and can be easily labeled with the various subjects. The kids can label it themselves and you can call it their writing assignment!

2.  Binders

Let's describe binders as your “hard copy” storage location (as opposed to digital storage such as Dropbox, Onedrive, icloud etc). Your child can store all of his/her artwork, writing, journal writing, lesson plans, etc in his/her binder. Dollar Tree has mostly 1-inch binders. I do wish they had 1 1/2 or 2-inch binders but a girl can’t have it all! I love the white binders because you can customize them. and create a title cover in Word, Google Docs or Canva.

3.  Filler Paper

Filler or lined paper has so many purposes. I keep a neat pile of it at all times on my homeschool bookshelf. You can use them as notepads for grocery lists, write letters, and homeschool copywork. It’s cheap, you get 150 sheets for a $1. When an idea comes to mind for your grocery list...I mean for writing lessons…you can just grab one and put it in your purse...I mean in your student's binder. It’s now beautifully organized with tabs, right?!!

4.  Clipboard

I call this my dashboard. This is my favorite purchase of homeschool supplies. I use one for my own side business and the kids have one for their weekly assignments and piano. This is my ‘go to’ when I have a moment to work on something while I’m waiting for the kids to finish piano lessons or swimming. This is our temporary storage area for the current week. Unused papers from previous weeks (ie graded or completed) go into the permanent store area, or binder (#2).

5.  Index Cards

I have used index cards since the kids were in Kindergarten. They are great for homemade flash cards! We tend to use them for spelling and memorizing bible verses. I keep them in a sturdy plastic box I also bought from Dollar Tree. If you are a Charlotte Mason fan, they are perfect for the Scripture Memory Box.

6.  Dry-Erase Boards

These are last on my list because they have a great purpose, but are cheaply made and more difficult to erase. For frequent users, erase boards will need to be replaced every year. Yet, they are useful for quick spelling drills and vocabulary words. I also use them for fun guessing and math games.  

Well, there you have it. Did I convince you that the best 6 homeschool supplies at the Dollar Tree?!! I am hopeful this list will help you succeed in your homeschool journey and save your pocketbook in the process!

What do you buy at the Dollar Tree for homeschool supplies? I would love to hear more about it, including how you use them!  Comment below.   

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