How to Organize your Household to Run More Smoothly

Now that we’ve established how the Clipboard Commando (aka clipboard) can be your best friend for organizing your homeschool, let’s move on to using them effectively for our household.  Here are steps on how to organize your household to run more smoothly.   Before we begin, let’s assume you have a clipboard for homeschooling. You’re now[…]

How to use the Best Homeschool Dollar Tool

 Last week, I shared with you my secret weapon for effectively organizing your homeschool life.  Plus, we discussed it can be used for ALL areas of life.  Now, we’re going to FOCUS on HOW you can use the best Homeschool tool for $1. The Clipboard Commando!   Let’s take back command of our homeschool day![…]

The Best Homeschool Tool is for a Dollar

Last month, I wrote an article on the 6 best homeschool supplies you can find at the Dollar Tree. As I was writing it, I realized my best weapon was right in front of me!  Today I’m going to convince you that the BEST homeschool tool is only for a dollar. Not only is it[…]