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New Beginnings and Happy Endings

Hi, my name is Natalie and my mission is to help others find more simple solutions for life.  This may include tips on reducing clutter in your house, body and/or mind.   Whatever lessons I’ve learned over the years or even today, I will share with you. I named my website Contentwithsimple.com because I have been[…]

One of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made

As most of my friends know, last summer I started looking for a remote job as a Virtual Assistant and was polishing up my technical skills by watching Youtube videos on WordPress and other apps and plug ins (LOVE Youtube).   If you are frugal like me,  Youtube is definitely the cheapest and fastest way to learn[…]

simply homeschooling with technology

Simple and Affordable Homeschooling using Technology

Looking for easy ways to reduce your home school curriculum costs and daily involvement?   As a home schooling mother for over 6 years, I’ve used several types of “boxed” curriculum like most of the homeschool community.  I could list them all, but I will spare you those details for now.  My message today is[…]