tweaks for an easy homeschool day

5 Simple Tweaks for an Easy Homeschool Day

 Summer is officially gone as leaves drop like confetti while farms burst with plump, orange pumpkins.  This also means school is in full swing and the excitement of new pencils, binders, and folders are slowly fading away.   How are the homeschool days going for you?   Is the excitement of new material starting to fade away[…]

4 tips on homeschool minimalism

4 tips on How to become a Homeschool Minimalist

Are you a newbie or established homeschool mom overwhelmed with the plethora of curriculum choices online and at conventions?   Maybe you are not even looking forward to a new school year around the corner as the monumental task of planning an entire year is daunting.    Maybe you are frustrated with not enough time[…]

Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to Jacqueline at for nominating me with this award! I am so grateful for the nomination!!!  To pass the torch, I have nominated 15 other blogs that I believe have a great appearance/layout and/or interesting content.   Here are the rules for my 15 website nominees:[…]

The beautiful city of Pittsburgh in July

A Cheap Day in Pittsburgh

Hi, everyone! Hope you are having a great day. The weather today is perfect, sunny and warm.  I love these type of days but now that July is upon us, summer is sadly starting to unravel.  I just noticed a couple of days ago on Facebook our school district posted the new school schedule.  It[…]